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British Anzani Iron Horse Home Page.

Welcome To My Iron Horse Page
Do you own a British Anzani Iron Horse?Then you've come to the right place,Feel free to search my web site.CLICK ON THE LOGO ABOVE AND GET A FREE IRON HORSE INSTRUCTION MANUAL!(currantly un availabe)

British Anzani Engineering Co. Ltd.

"The British Anzani Engineering Co. at Hampton Hill in Middlesex, manufacturers of aeroplane and speed boat engines, introduced the British Anzani Iron Horse in 1940. It had a 6-hp J.A.P. four-stroke air-cooled engine, oil bath air cleaner and Wico magneto. A centrifugal clutch engaged the drive to the steel wheels through a three forward and reverse gearbox when the engine reached a speed of 750 rpm.

Hand-lever-operated independent dog clutches in the drive to the wheels enabled the Iron Horse to make very sharp turns on the headland. Caution was required as the engine power would swing the handlebars round with some force and could easily knock the operator off his feet. Spade lug wheels were standard equipment and track width was adjustable from 24 to 36 in. for ploughing and row-crop work. Optional extras included a side-mounted belt pulley suitable for a saw bench and other stationary equipment. The British Anzani Iron Horse cost 107 pounds 16s 0d in 1940, and pneumatic tyres were an extra 10 pounds ; the price had increased to 130 by 1945.

Hire purchase terms for the British Anzani in 1948 required a 35 pounds deposit with two years to pay the the balance. Alternatively the Iron Horse and a selection of implements could be hired for 3 pounds 10s 0d per week."

On a undated ad, the 6-hp Iron Horse was 140 pounds and the smaller 1-hp Motor Hoe 44 pounds -10, supplied with Hoeing Blades and Grubbing Tines.

British Anzani Iron Horse Page

I have recently been restoring a 1948 British Anzani Iron horse Tractor (original Engine No 5/C/23537) and have took the liberty of noting down and photographing the information for my fellow Anzani restorers and Fans.

We bought this tractor at auction as a job lot for 20 quid it had a siezed engine,a slashed left-hand tire and generaly looked in a general sorry state.
we took it home and left it under a hedge covered over with a tarp.
Two years later I draged it out.......OH SHIT...I never realised it looked that bad..but still we pulled it out from its hedge and inflated the inflatable tire.
It took 5 of us to push it 100 yards down the road to my work shop.. this is where the fun began.
When I finaly managed to manover the tractor into my workshop it looked a state,the tires were flat (one with a slash right around)the bonnet was as holey as swiss cheese and the engine was siezed up solid.
I stripped off all of the tinwork ,the grill aswell and left them in a warm dry place for a week before treating them with "Waxoil" and red lead.
Within the next week the tractor had 3 coats of lead and a couple of undercoat.But still a way to go.

The Engine and everything else
I managed to get an engine last year ,it cost another 20 pounds but it was worth it.I dragged it out of the barn and tried to fire it up.....pulled once....twice....and fire off she went for a whole hour non stop.When the petrol finaly ran out i loaded the engine onto a sack trolly and wheeled it home.
I then stripped off the cowling and rubbed it down to bare metal,filled in the few dents and painted it its original red colour. the next bg task was the slashed tire and inertube, after much wrestling with hub i finaly removed the wheel and then the tire.
Next was removing the old, siezed engine and the fitting of the NEW JAP 5 onto its frame.
We got over this problem with the help of two crowbars and a No 13 Spanner, taking the old engine off was easy then came the degreasing, cleaning and remounting of the new JAP engine....after numerous huffs and puffs of the starting handle it fired and ran for hours on end .
The next day after a few plug cleans i found that the treads had nearley stripped from the plug hole so i took the head off of the old engine and replaced it to find the piston rings are gone ...
After carefull removal of the piston we found that the rings were worne and loosing compression, so we e-mailed nemerous companies for a set of rings and the cheepest was a place called maddons where they regroved and ringed the piston for very little.
Then it was just re building and finaly spraying and the tractor was on its way!

Two days later we attended our first show and the newly restores tractor had allot of attention!

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